Why should you commit to an exclusive service?

Recruitment services can seem complex, but it can be broken down into pretty simple ‘levels’, with most companies opting for a retained or contingency level of service. But by doing this, you could be missing a trick…

A common mistake companies make is to use several recruitment agencies to fill just one position. The problem with this method of recruiting is that employers are usually trading quantity over quality.

So why should employers move away from the traditional model of over-sharing their vacancies across a number of agencies and instead commit to an exclusive service with one company?

The most obvious answer to the above is that it means a reduction in recruitment fees. But there is more to it than that. By choosing an exclusive service, you’re giving yourself a better opportunity to hire the best candidates thanks to the benefits that come from a close and long-term relationship that is build on trust and understanding.

Exclusive recruiters will spend longer on your vacancies, spending more time with your profile and sourcing your ideal candidates. This means that your next potential candidate comes to you with the required skillset & experience. An exclusive recruiter understands your company culture and values, and knows how to best recruit for your needs.

We pride ourselves on our market intelligence and our up-to-date industry knowledge on sector trends, changes, and goings-on. This knowledge allows us to provide the best possible service, and means we are able to effectively screen candidates prior to putting them in front of you.

Great value
An exclusive service is based on quality, and combines all other methods of recruitment within the process. Alternative recruitment models tend to focus on speed & sales, which usually results in a lower quality of candidates put forward. In the long-term, this can waste valuable time when seeking the best person for the job, and ultimately increases the cost of finding them.

In short, taking advantage of an exclusive service is a more beneficial plan in the long-term. By working exclusively with a recruitment agency, you benefit from a richer relationship, with which comes a deeper and more meaningful understanding of you, your company, and your values and culture. With this, you will be presented with suitable candidates, and spend less time and resources on finding your perfect hire!

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