7 mistakes that minimize your CV’s impact

If you are unsure whether your CV is recruiter or employer ready. Here are some top tips that will make your job search made easy.

1. Do not include a photo.
Unless a photo has been specifically requested, do not include one. It is not necessary. There are laws in the UK that make it illegal to hire an employee based on prejudice, the general accepted rule is no photo on a CV to prevent any bias from occurring.

2. Make sure you have a professional email address.
CV’s are usually ignored or disregarded if the candidate’s email address is unprofessional. Luckily, it only takes two minutes to set up a new email account. Make sure you’re not still using the same email account from where you were 14.

3. Proof read your CV!
If the rest of your CV is great, one minor typo isn’t necessarily a dealer breaker… However, a CV peppered with typos and grammatical errors will be. Typos immediately create a negative impression of you, which probably is not true.

4. Your employment dates do not match.
When listing your work history, the standard is to begin with a reverse-chronological order – you start with our most recent employment and work your way backwards. For many recruiters to receive a CV that does not have a clear consistent timeline creates more work for your recruiter to piecing together your work history.

5. Do not use too many cliches.
Recruiters do not spend a long time reading every CV they read. If the relevant information is not stated clearly or obviously – your CV will most likely end up in the rejected pile.

6. Your CV has inconsistent formatting.
Chance of a badly or incorrect formatted CV being successful are incredibly low. The good news is, it is a very easy tweak to fix! Make sure you pay close attention to your front consistency, spacing, paragraphs, indentations and bullet point, make sure all the details. Double check all these details before sending off your CV.

7. Do not forget to put your contact information!
Imagine you hand in your CV to us. It is perfect and we can send you so many interviews, you could have a job in less than a week! But, if there is no contact number listed on the CV. End results your CV will go straight to the bottom of the pile.

By following these tips and making sure you have checked and double checked your CV, you will find that your job search will be made easy.